RDP log files location in Win 7 or 8

Check the folder:


And load one of the files: Read More »


Show Folder IMAP Email Client Thunderbird

  1.  Open thunderbird, Klik Tools >> Account Setting
  2.  Pilih Server Settings >> Advanced >> hilangkan checklist Show Only subscribed folder >> ok
  3.  Restart Thunderbird

Cek SN & model PC/NB via CMD

Sn =  dari cmd “wmic bios get serialnumber” tanpa tanda petik
Model = dari cmd  “wmic csproduct get name” tanpa tanda petik

Enable remote desktop from command line (CMD)

Remote desktop can be enabled/disabled by opening My computer properties and then by changing the settings in the ‘Remote‘ tab. We can do the same by editing registry key settings. This is explained below. Remote desktop is also called Terminal services or TS or RDP. This is an in-built remote desktop software for Windows users.

To enable remote desktop.

  • Open registry editor by running regedit from Run.
  • Go to the node HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server
  • Change the data of the value fDenyTSConnections to 0.

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Error Message Internet Explorer cannot find the Active Desktop

Use Microsoft Windows Explorer to create a Windows\Web folder, or reinstall Internet Explorer to re-create the folder. To reinstall Internet Explorer, first remove it, and then reinstall it. To remove Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. Read More »

Resolving Windows Temporary Profile Issue / User Profile Service Cannot be Started

Problem: User logs in with a message stating Profile Service cannot be loaded. As a result sees a profile with none of his/her usual documents/settings. Please ensure that you have a way to backup crucial data before attempting this.

1. Login to a Administrator account on the local machine.

2. Open Regedit.

3. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Micros

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A List of Run Commands for Windows 7

Windows logo key + R

Administrative Tools

Administrative Tools = control admintools
Authorization Manager = azman.msc
Component Services = dcomcnfg
Certificate Manager = certmgr.msc
Direct X Troubleshooter = dxdiag Read More »

How To Make An RJ45 Straight Through And Crossover

Untuk menyambung kabel UTP ke konektor RJ-45 terdapat dua tipe penyambungan, yaitu straight dan cross, di mana keduanya memiliki fungsi yang berbeda. Pengkabelan dengan cara straight digunakan untuk menyambungkan PC dengan hub/switch sedangkan pengkabelan dengan cara cross digunakan untuk menghubungkan pc ke pc langsung tanpa hub/switch berikut jalur cablenya type A dan type B

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Run Shortcut windows application

1. Accessibility Controls ==>access.cpl

2. Add Hardware Wizard ==> hdwwiz.cpl
3. Add/Remove Programs =>Perintah==> appwiz.cpl
4. Administrative Tools =>Perintah=> control admintools Read More »

Desktop win blank

Find all deskhtmlversion
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