Resolving Windows Temporary Profile Issue / User Profile Service Cannot be Started

Problem: User logs in with a message stating Profile Service cannot be loaded. As a result sees a profile with none of his/her usual documents/settings. Please ensure that you have a way to backup crucial data before attempting this.

1. Login to a Administrator account on the local machine.

2. Open Regedit.

3. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Micros

oft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

4. There should be a multitude of Registry keys inside the ProfileList, Look for two identical ones which are differentiated by the .bak extension (e.g. xxxxxx1234.bak & xxxxxx1234).

5. The Registry key with the .bak extension contains the user’s actual profile while the one without the .bak contains the Temp profile.

6. Delete the Registry Key WITHOUT the .bak extension and rename the one with it to xxxxx1234 (without the .bak). Notice the fields on the right, there should be a value named RefCount, change the value to 0.

7. Reboot the machine.


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